Incubation Capacity Building

(1) Joint Assessment Report on incubation capacities for game industry

The Digital Game Industries of BSR, illustrated in an interactive map

The interactive map illustrates the current state of the art across BSR, comprising incubation capacities and a SWOT analysis of the current framework in each region/country, good practice, main obstacles and key policy stakeholders.

(2) Incubation staff training & strategy for game incubation development in BSR

Strategy for Game Incubation Development
Strategic observations deriving from concept development and capacity building are documented in a game incubation development strategy. The strategy illustrates:
  • the main links to the local and regional business development strategies/policies, framework development requirements
  • the most important topics, which will be elaborated and tested in the course of the pilots, its organisational planning, required resources, necessary expertise and applied tools
  • communication, networking with and involvement of the various stakeholder groups and transnational cooperation of the partners within and between the pilots

(3) Model scheme and manual for game incubation programming and financing

Model Scheme and Manual for Game Incubation Programming and Financing
The model scheme illustrates ‘how to’ run an incubation programme for game companies, drafted in form of a manual for business support providers and intermediaries working with game business. It contains:
  • a modular-type game incubation programme with focus on the business dimension
  • a checklist for defining requirements towards participation in the incubation programme and suggestions for attraction and selection of participants, methods for performing monitoring and measurements of learning outcomes/competence development
  • models for the financing of incubation services
  • requirements to further framework development

(4) Guideline for set-up and maintenance of a mentoring system for game business incubation

Guideline for Set-Up and Maintenance of a Mentoring System for Game Business Incubation

The findings, lessons learnt and solutions for game mentoring deriving from the pilot are incorporated in a guideline for the set-up and maintenance of a mentoring system for the game sector. The guideline provides hands-on support regarding the whole process of set-up and maintenance of a mentor system (search for mentors, get in contact, motivate them to get engaged, integrate them in the programme, monitor their work and give feedback, promote their engagement, keep them on board, support further development etc.).

(5) Manual on international cooperation for BSR-wide game business development

Manual on International Cooperation for BSR-Wide Game Business Development
The manual summarises all the findings, lessons learnt and conclusions from the work on internationalisation, ideas for cooperation and recommendations to the different actors in game business. It comprises in particular:
  • intended effects of internationalisation for BSR game business development
  • a concept for promoting the BSR as game hotspot, joint representation of game business and intermediaries from the BSR region, branding and corporate identity of the BSR game business
  • approaches for set-up and maintaining international cooperation of game business intermediaries, as well as for fostering international exchange, mobility and cooperation of game developers / game companies
  • recommendations to policy decision-makers, business networks and (potential) investors for supporting internationalisation in the BSR game business

6) Roadmap for effective game incubation in BSR

Game Incubation Roadmap

The implementation roadmap for game incubation illustrates solutions for effective game incubation to turn the BSR into a game hotspot with a high recognition value and a bundle of competitive game companies. It comprises:

an illustration of the elements which make the BSR a game business hotspot the interaction with the local/regional/national business development strategies & policies background information about the game business across the BSR, promising development trends, main stakeholder groups & their influence an overview on game business promotion/support across the BSR, the role of game business events good practice for incubation service and for the set-up & maintenance of a game incubator, and approaches to networking & internationalisation.

(7) Installed game incubation service and incubator operation schemes with implementation guide

Implementation Examples of Game Incubation Services and Incubator Operation Schemes
A practical guide for game-related incubation service units is produced. It serves as guideline for the incubation management and expert staff about how to run a game incubator and how effective game start-up promotion looks like. It illustrates
  • the operational scheme of the game incubator – including management structure, shareholders and financing scheme, human resources – job profile/qualification requirements for internal staff, mentor system etc.
  • the integration into the local/regional economic development strategy
  • description of the service offers provided , conditions for participation, monitoring & evaluation
  • community networking, communication policy with stakeholders
  • development scheme for the next period