02 project


The ‘Baltic Game Industry’ project aim is to foster innovation power and the emergence of a powerful game business scene around the Baltic Sea, to strengthen internationalisation and cooperation across stakeholders and countries, and finally to make the region a game business hotspot with a joint branding.

In the course of three years, 22 partners and 25 associates from eight countries around the Baltic Sea cooperate for improving the framework conditions, support structures and business opportunities for this innovative and fast growing sector. The core element is the installation of durable game incubation structures, programmes and schemes that effectively support the emergence and viability of game start-ups in the region.

The first and foremost target audience are the game start-ups and SMEs as main players for economic growth. Further, we address public authorities, development and planning agencies business associations, clusters and networks, and finally non-game industries as (potential) users of playful approaches and applications.

The project has three closely interrelated components: