03a activities

Favourable Framework Conditions

(1) Analysis & assessment of the framework conditions for game business development and of areas for improvement

The partners performed an intensive research to collate data on their respective regions to establish a baseline for identifying main areas for game businesses improvement. The ensuing analysis of the researched data offered an overview of where to look for good practices within the BSR regions to remedy gaps in the regional framework conditions. The focus of the assessment was on understanding the economic climate in all its relevant aspects, such as investment culture and funding opportunities, policy instruments for business development support, education system and offers, digital infrastructure or general appeal of the region to settle there (quality of living and working, cost of workforce, etc.).

(2) Networking, awareness raising and capacity building with policy decision makers to strengthen the BSR as a region with common interest

Networking with stakeholders from the game industry and policy-makers within the public authorities is key to ensure a comprehensive approach to determining a sound plan for improvement measures. Through regular Innovation Dialogues in each city/region, these stakeholders discuss the development trends and potentials of game industry, effects of key obstacles on business growth, requirements for effective game support, improvement potentials in the diverse policy areas and what concrete steps should be taken to answer the identified challenges.
Transnational innovation dialogue meetings foster exchange of best practices to find solutions for the challenges at home. The result of this phase is the determination of the improvement to be taken on.

(3) Elaborate with policy decision makers on strategies for framework improvement

Based on the analysis and innovation dialogues, the partners initiate the procedure for planning and implementing the measures determined together with the stakeholders from the game industry ecosystem. Framework changes range from enlarging regional or local economic development plans encouraging the settlement of and investment into the game industry to improving the access and eligibility of game businesses to funding instruments. In each city/region, stakeholders from all relevant areas collaborate to elaborate on Action Plans for the whole change process.

(4) Execute change processes for framework condition improvement addressing game business needs

According to the Action Plans agreed, project partners and stakeholders in the cities/regions involved, execute the change processes. Thus, levers in the framework are adjusted in view of what is beneficial for a sustainable economic growth in the industry. The change processes should lead to durable effects beyond the project partnership and guide the policies towards game industry in the medium and long-term.

(5) Policy dialogue on framework development and promotion of BSR as game business hotspot

While improvements of framework are made at local/regional or national level, they are at the same time a contribution to promote the BSR as a region with common interests and business potentials. Thus, the partners elaborate on international cooperation opportunities at policy level, visibility of BSR game business and promotion of BSR as game hotspot, also by building a BSR game brand. At the 2020 Eurocities event and the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels, it is planned to present the project results to get more multipliers involved.