Framework Improvement

(1) Joint assessment report on framework conditions for the game industry

The Digital Game Industries of BSR, illustrated in an interactive map

The interactive map illustrates the current state of the art across BSR, comprising a SWOT analysis of the current framework in each region/country, good practice, main obstacles and key policy stakeholders as well as incubation capacities.

(2) Communication map and an innovation dialogue documentation

The communication map illustrates the communication actors at various levels, their relationships and alliances. It makes potential contributions from the various groups visible and indicates the processes used for promoting their engagement in BGI promotion.
The findings and conclusions from the innovation dialogue are illustrated in a documentation – specified for each city/region and generalised for the BSR. This includes both conclusions on framework improvement at local/regional/national level (e.g. options for transfer of successful promotion programmes) and conclusions on joint action for harmonising framework across the BSR – reaching out to BSR-wide strategies and policies

(3) Action Plans and Strategies for Framework Change Processes

Estimated completion date: March 2019
A specific area of improvement is selected in each of the cities/regions and action plans are elaborated for each change process. These action plans describe how to implement the desired change in the specific policy area. They cover:

  • a description of the individual change to be addressed and the intended level of effect
  • an illustration of the state of the art regarding the respective framework across the BSR and a map of the affected stakeholder groups
  • a description of the change process and a specification, which legislation has to be considered in the course of change and if/where an adaptation of a legal act is required.

(4) Documented change processes across the BSR with updated regulations strategies and schemes

Estimated completion date: June 2020
Improved (and more congruent) strategies, regulations and schemes for effective business promotion of the game industry result from the change processes. The change processes are documented, using the action plans as basis. This may be for instance adaptations of Regional Economic Development Plans, cluster policies and/or creative industry hubs, facilitating game start-ups, science parks’ development concepts integrating game start-up support, investment policies/funding instruments for game business or tailored local ecosystems facilitating game start-ups. The documentation illustrates in detail, what has been improved and describes the steps made, roles and responsibilities, achievements (incl. durability), and how the change is implemented. The document also explains how the changes correlate to other strategies, regulations and schemes across the BSR, indicates options for harmonization and needs for further action.

(5) Good practice catalogue on favourable framework and policies for game business development

Estimated completion date: June 2020
The work on promotion and dissemination, as well as conclusions on favourable framework and cooperation across the BSR are duly documented and collected in a joint good practice catalogue. The good practice examples in the catalogue illustrate

  • how to make a concerted business development strategy that addresses the needs and potentials of creative industries (particularly games)
  • how to promote investments and adapt funding instruments that equally treat game start-ups
  • how to empower incubators in their task to strengthen the emergence, visibility, viability and sustainability of start-ups
  • potentials and achievements of concerted action and joint promotion of the industry and how to strengthen international cooperation at policy level
  • how to connect business development in the regions with national strategies and policies and with BSR-wide game industry growth.